About O.J. Pipelines

O.J. Pipelines was formed in 1977 and bears the initials of one of its founders Olaf (Ole) Johanson.

Ole started his career in the pipelines industry as a labourer hand wrapping pipe before joining Banister Pipelines in 1953. In 1958 Ole was promoted to construction manager and in 1968 he was named president of the company.

Ole remained with Banister until 1977 when in partnership with Ocelot Industries Ltd. he formed O.J. Pipelines. After 16 years of leading through a sustained period of growth, Ole retired from both the company he founded and the pipeline industry. In September of 1998, HC Price of Dallas, Texas purchased O.J. Pipelines. H.C. Price has a history of pipeline construction in the United States dating back to the beginnings of welded transmission pipelines. In January 2008, H.C. Price merged with Gregory & Cook Construction  to form Price Gregory Services Inc., of which O.J. Pipelines is now a subsidiary.

A Quanta Services Company

In October 2008, Quanta Services (NYSE:PWR) acquired Price Gregory Services Inc.; O.J. Pipelines now forms a portion of Quanta’s Natural Gas and Pipeline Division.

From its humble beginnings of working on pipe jobs measured in feet, to completing hundreds of Kilometres of pipeline in some of Canada’s harshest terrain, O.J. Pipelines has established a reputation for reliability, innovation, and implementation strategies second to none in the pipeline industry.

O.J. Pipelines Locations
O.J. Pipelines is located in Nisku, Alberta, Canada, an industrial suburb of the Provincial Capital – Edmonton. O.J.’s facilities include an 18,000 square foot corporate office and maintenance complex and a 20-acre storage yard.

The location is also home to O.J.’s subsidiary, RMS Welding Systems which includes a 10,000 square foot office and workshop/R & D complex.

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