O.J. Pipelines Canada has a reputation for completing projects under budget, ahead of schedule and in compliance with the high standards set by our clients and government.

A proven record of accomplishment and consistent profitability is result of a solid capital base that has prospered from sound management.

O.J. offers full turnkey pipeline services and prides itself on being able to meet the unique needs of all of it’s clients.

From preconstruction estimating and consulting services to new construction, reclamation and pipeline replacement. O.J. Pipelines Canada’s dedicated and experienced personnel are the key to  quality service, performed competantly, cost effectively and in a timely manner.

O.J. Pipelines Canada can offer:

  • Pipeline construction for all diameters
  • Pipeline services:
    • Pre-construction estimating
    • Pipeline routing design
    • Right of way negotiation
    • Hydrostatic testing
    • Pipeline inspection
    • Reclamation and remediation services
  • Consultation services:
    • Advice on technological advances in the pipeline industry
    • Contract and bid reviews
    • Engineering cost study reviews
    • Financing and ownership reviews
  • Equipment rentals:
    • Excavation and reclamation equipment
    • Rolling stock
    • Automatic welding equipment
    • Hydrostatic test equipment
    • Generators, pumps and blasting equipment
    • Water filtration equipment
  • Automatic mechanized welding
  • Double jointing of pipe


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